Lincoln: Leadership in a Time of Crisis

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Lincoln: Leadership in a Time of Crisis

By Rodrigo Palacios

March 25th, 2005

U.S. History I

Ms. Lisa Schalla

Throughout his life, Abraham Lincoln became known as a man with high morals and strong conviction towards righteousness. Born Feb. 28th, 1809 in Kentucky, Lincoln spent his early youth educating himself and became a Lawyer in Illinois. A series of debates held with Stephen A. Douglas, led Lincoln to winning the presidential election in 1860. Lincoln clearly had the wood to become a great leader, but would his qualities stand the test? In 1861, the tensions created by the issue of slavery finally broke the ties of compromise. Southern states began seceding and organizing themselves under a constitution. Lincoln would not stay still and observe how the Union broke during his watch, the circumstances called for action, and this marked the beginning of the Civil War. In this essay, Lincoln's war strategies as well as public announcements will be analyzed, showing the reader, the great amount of skill with which he conducted his leadership in a time of crisis and intense turmoil.

The way in which Linoln approached the war at its commencement, is a fine example of how ingeniously were his movements planned. Lincoln's main concern was the preservation of the Union. What had caused the war to start was the question of slavery. Lincoln knew he had to take a stand, but he was also aware that by declaring himself solidly against slavery, which he ultimately planed to, he would alienate all states which enjoyed its benefits. This would have as a consequence to leave the Union´s capital at an awfully vulnerable location. What he had to do now, was to find a way in which he may keep the interests of as many states as possible, especially border...