Will on-line teaching cause schools as we know them now to become redundant.

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Information and communication technologies are changing much of what happens in our schools. We are witnessing a paradigm change in our schools from teacher centred to learner focused ( Morel, R., Domenjoz, J-C., Lachat, C and Rossi, C 2003) so that teachers are no longer the sages but the guides(Anderson., J). It is feasible that in the future on-line teaching will cause schools as we now know them to become obsolete. It would be possible to do all manner of study from the home computer linked to the outside world via the internet. The reality of this is shown through our on-line course we are participating in here and it is a bold, inspiring and realistic vision of what mainstream education could be like ten or twenty years from now. It is a matter though of the level of education that is the focus. For example, although there might be in the future a virtual classroom it could not be expected that kindergarten children would receive all of the social and communication skills necessary to deal effectively with other people throughout the course of their lives without the very real social intercourse that the classroom environment gives.

The role of schools as training grounds for personal development in relationship skills is very important as is the role schools play in the physical well being of students by providing sports instructions and physical activities lessons. At school children will establish friendships that may last a lifetime and they will also be encouraged to become members of team, or participate in individual, sporting activities.

Nowadays, because of its potential and flexibility, all educational institutions across the globe use computer network-based learning for expanding learning opportunities and facilitating learning activities to students. It can be effective for delivering content to students and for...