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Symbolism is used to help the reader better understand a story. In "Red Dress", by Alice Munro, symbolism is incorporated in the story to show the reader the awareness of the narrator's adolescence. This can be shown by the dirty klennex given to Raymond Bolting, which shows, the reader that the narrator is maturing, and falling in love. The washroom cubicle, which shows the reader the development of the narrator's independence. Finally, the red dress, which shows the mother's sacrifice towards her daughter, and the narrator accepting it.

The Kleenex given to Raymond Bolting shows the reader the narrator's acceptance towards opposite sex, and awareness of adolescence. Both the narrator and Raymond where in need of a kleenex, unfortunately only the narrator had one, and too it wasn't all that clean "But if I was to tear it in half we'd each have something."(Munro, Pg. 84) This shows the reader, that the narrator finally understands the adolescent life of maturing and love, by sharing a dirty Kleenex with someone of the opposite sex.

Raymond gratefully accepted it, without any signs of hesitation "I sure could use it." (Munro, Pg. 84) Thus the Kleenex, used as a symbol, shows the reader that, it shows the development of the narrator.

The cubicle in the washroom plays an important role in the reader's understanding of the narrator's adolescence. As the narrator was hiding, a girl named Mary Fortune came in the washroom, and started talking with the narrator; she also felt the same with about the dance. "I don't. I can't stand it. I hate dancing"¦"(Munro, Pg.81) After that point, the narrator, felt different about herself. She began acting mature, started socializing with Mary, and had a cigarette with her. "We talked about teachers, and things at school."(Munro, Pg. 82)...