Living with humour. Does humour is consider as a medicine?,Why is humour beneficial?

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Living with Humour

Recent research has shown that putting people in a good mood helps them to deal with daily problems more easily and positively. Nowadays humour is seen less as disguised hostility and more as a stimulant to problem solving and productivity. Humour is essential in every day of our lives. The author Daniel Goleman in the article "Humour Found to Aid Problem Solving", he mentions how does humour influences in people behaviour by the time they are doing their daily tasks and duties. The two areas that are discuss in this article are the advantages that has the use of humour in any aspect and its disadvantages.

Daniel Goleman in his article mentioned that humour has several advantages in people for improving their abilities in any task. Humour is seen like an aid for people because it helps them to think broadly through work problems and to solve them faster, and also to help them to think positively.

In the working area, if people have a good time by the periods they spend there , it is more probable that they will improve their performance, and if they make any mistake when they would be correct , they will accept it in a positively way . The use of humour has not been only useful in the work area but also in education, because it has been proved that humour helps children to learn more palatable and makes it more fun and easy for them to assimilate the information. In society, when two people have a conversation, to be in a good mood makes more easier the interaction between them, and also it influences in a optimistic way in their thoughts, because when a person listens to any joke that makes him/her feel good, is like to help...