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A verdict of not guilty, the insufficiency of evidence and the lack of conclusive evidence all point to Lizzie Borden as being falsely accused. Her previous job as a Sunday School teacher and the fact that she probably wasn't capable of killing her own father and stepmother all lead to the apparent outcome that Lizzie Borden was most likely not the only one possibly at fault in the Borden murders, if she was even guilty at all.

Lizzie Borden had, what seemed to others, a life that was fairly normal. The city of Fall River, Massachusetts, was, and is, full of Bordens. The Bordens were among the area's first settlers. Some branches of the family prospered, while others did not. Andrew Borden, Lizzie's father, was the son of a fishmonger, who was born on the less fortunate side of the family. He dedicated his entire life to changing this situation, and succeeded handsomely(Meganet, 1998).

He accumulated enough money to invest in real estate and banks and became quite a wealthy man by the standards of his time(Crimelibrary, 1998). Many self-made men prefer to keep a firm grip on their hard-won riches. However; Andrew took this particular tendency to such an extreme that he was a local legend, and not a very popular one.

According to one Fall River legend, "When he was an undertaker, he cut the feet off the corpses so that he could cram them into undersized coffins that he got cheap"(Meganet, 1998 ).

Even though Andrew Borden was wealthy, the Borden family lived quite modestly in a narrow little house on Second Street.

Lizzie Borden's actual mother had died when Lizzie was just a young girl the age of two. Lizzie was born on Thursday, July 19th ,1860 in the Borden's house at 12 Ferry...