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Gulfstream's Supply ChainGulfstream Aerospace is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics. They are legendary throughout the world "for manufacturing the world's most technologically advanced business jet aircraft. A two-time recipient of the most prestigious award given by the National Aeronautic Association, Gulfstream is known for safe, sleek airplanes with innovative technology." (World Trade) They have a very large customer base to include many domestic and foreign government agencies as well as their militaries. They are patronized globally not only because their products provide exactly what the customer is looking for, but because they have the ability to provide extended services. Aircraft are a very high maintenance asset, and they require much care and looking after to meet strict aviation standards and safety requirements. For a company such as Gulfstream Aerospace to be able to provide the outstanding level of global post purchase support that they do is a testament to their supply chain and logistics managers.

Gulfstream's Use of LocationGulfstream has made a name for itself not only in the aviation industry but also in the field of supply chain and logistics management. An organization's supply chain is made up of many moving parts and vast amounts of technology, therefore we will only go over what appears to be the most important part of Gulfstream's supply chain, and that is their use of location. Though they more than likely have a highly efficient supply chain considering much of it was designed by API (Aerospace Products International), it is quite clear that their largest advantage is their use of location. Strategically speaking, their use of location gives them flexibility, increased business and expansion opportunities, as well as proficient customer service and cost benefits which I will get into later.

Gulfstream's central facility where much of the corporate management and...