How Long Will We Fight a Losing Battle? About Marijauna Decriminalization.

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How Long Will We Fight a Losing Battle?

There are many laws that exist today that were written for a different time, for a different people. A time when society as a whole may have had a completely different perception or outlook on things. Our way of thinking when some laws were created may simply have had a lot to do with a lack of information at the time, different moral standards, or beliefs. Times do change, as do people and their opinions. This could be due to new information coming to light, or being able to look at our past to learn from our own mistakes. But sometimes as society evolves and changes, laws do not. And as time goes on, it becomes more and more difficult to change these laws when the people in power hold on to old values, old information, and have biased opinions. Marijuana prohibition is no exception to this, in fact, it is a prime example of these situations.

America was founded on the principal that all men are created equal. To be a place where people can live without suffering persecution for our beliefs in any way. This ideal has truly been distorted over time. There are many arguments posed for and against the use of marijuana. Right now, in the United States a war is being fought. This war, however, is not against another country. This war is the war on drugs and its citizens. It is a war that I believe we are losing. Billions of U.S. citizen's tax dollars are going down the drain because of it. Who knows if all the money that is supposed to be stopping drugs is actually being used for the intended cause? Drugs don't seem to be going away. And it seems to me...