Looking at 'The Adventure of the Speckled Band' and at least two other stories, comment on the way Conan Doyle uses the character of Watson in the stories.

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The character of Dr Watson in Conan Doyle's stories is extremely interesting and needs to be studied in great depth. Dr Watson is used to emphasis the main character Sherlock Holmes and the way in which it is done is very clever.

Watson himself is a very knowledgeable man and different sides of his character have been seen in the Sherlock Holmes stories. When he is at home with his wife in "The Man With the Twisted Lip" we see the family man who is happy to be in his home and very comfortable. We can also see he has a good relationship with his kind and understanding wife. They made a caring pair as the doctor helped with the illnesses and his wife helped with the problems- "folk who were in grief came to my wife like birds to a lighthouse".

When Dr Watson is at work he takes on a different role and knows that his job as a doctor and confident is one of up most value.

His patients look up to him and respect his judgement and advice.

Doctor Watson is a very intelligent man but respects the actions of his friend and partner and is well placed to act as narrator for the stories. When Dr Watson accompanies Sherlock Holmes on trips and investigative journeys he realises that Holmes needs time to think and sort things through in his mind. Holmes is very grateful for this as in "The man with the Twisted Lip" Holmes says "You have a grand gift of silence - it makes you quite invaluable as a companion."

As the chronicler of the stories Watson's voice is precise and clear. Sentences are long and complex giving the effect of respectability to Watson. He speaks directly to the reader as...