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Essay by betungxx November 2006

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One day was so much like another in those days around the restaurant - where I worked as a part-time waiter. I couldn't remember whether that day was lucky when I received a lot of tips, or whether it was exhausting when many people came to enjoy their weekend. It was an afternoon of a slump Monday, and I was standing near the door, waiting for the customer to serve immediately whenever they came in, with John, an experienced waiter who has worked there for many years. As we were talking about an annoying customer, a lady entered. She was wearing a suit - I have never seen before- that was decorated with many colorful small fabric pieces around her hip. It covered her body tightly and added more effect to her superfluous flesh. I turned to John, expected some comments about her (in Vietnamese) but I was greatly surprised when John said to her "What a beautiful clothes!" The lady smiled and said thanks to him.

As a result, he received a lot of tips from her then. After the woman left, he explained to me, "Her suit is the worst thing that I have ever seen, but why don't you make her happy by a little lying, which doesn't cost you anything?"

Suddenly, the term "lying" brought me back to my childhood when I was a little kid, the first time in my life, lying. At that time, it was my birthday. My father's present was an electronic robot, which attracted me by its colorful enchanting lights. I was completely absorbed in playing (with it) as if nobody was around me, except it. "Ding dong." Time to sleep, but my mother didn't allow taking it to my bed; her requirement, of course, really bothered me. With my own...