From "Looking out Looking In" Tenth edition Ronald B Adler. Assignment for Interpersonal Communications class.

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--The assignment is given in the "Looking Out Looking In" College text book. The experiement was in Chapter 6.

--Prove for yourself the role that eye contact plays in social influence by trying a simple experiment.

Invitation to Insight--The Eyes have it

The world is a funny place. Each person going along their day in their own bubble they have formed. Some are eagerly accepting of letting a person in. Others are so self indulgent that they get angry when their time is taken away from them. We go along day to day with our own experiences, trying to live day to day with the least bumps in the road. What are we afraid of? This weekend some people were afraid of me.

I picked a location for my experiment, the Kroger Shopping center on Carpenter Road. My victims were random people walking in and out of the stores.

I was dressed in jeans, and a tee shirt. Nothing out of the ordinary, I could have been dressed worse. My first victim was an older gentleman, who looked uncomfortable walking along. I approached him and asked him if he had any change because I needed to make a phone call. He refused to look at me. Not once did he make eye contact with me. He dug for change in his right pocket and proceeded to give me money. Of course, I could not take it so when I explained I was doing this for a class at school; he said, "No that's okay take the money." He kept trying to walk away from me and kept insisting that I take this change from him. I did this a couple times with different people. I found that men were much more responsive to me than women were. One...