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  • Very Distracting

    While the content is informative, the over abundance of typo's and other mistakes is very distracting. The claim of an "A" as a grade for this essay cannot possibly be close to the truth, if I were the teacher...
    • 05/11/2007
    • 22:49:06
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  • Thanks for the lesson

    What a wonderful idea. People can learn a lot from books, but it's the real life experiences that teach us what is important. I really enjoyed this essay and will suggest it to my professor.
    • 17/09/2007
    • 20:32:32
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  • Legalize It

    You make very good points for both the pro's and con's. I say Make it Legal and tax it like they do with cigarettes. Other more dangerious drugs are available by perscription, yet the one drug that shows so many benifits for ill people is illegal.
    • 15/10/2006
    • 01:05:56
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  • The Epidemic of America-Divorce

    Very well written! Has good flow from one paragraph to another and is easy to read and understand. You documented your ideas and provided the reader a great deal of information. I truly enjoyed reading your exceptional paper.
    • 25/04/2006
    • 22:13:48
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  • Poorly written and needs revising

    Though essay is informative, it lacks an opening paragraph and a thesis statement. The grammar used is not correct and for a student of the 13th grade, this should not be an issue. There is no even flow from one paragraph to another. Student should first write a outline; then list steps in order. Using simple techniques will help keep ideas together and therefore write a better paper.
    • 25/04/2006
    • 21:51:46
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  • Private School Funding

    When I was younger, both of my parents worked to put me through private school. They paid tuition, for books, for transportation and uniforms. There were NO government programs that contributed to the existance of the school, other than the donations through the church.Now-a-days, the government is giving out vouchers to public school children, whose families cannot afford to send their children to private schools. And who pays for these vouchers? We of course, our tax dollars at work. And where does this money come from? Is it the tax money's we are paying for our own public schools; who by the way, are, for the most part, deep in debt.There is suppose to be a seperation between church and state. It is time our government took public school funds and gave them directly to the public schools. They could then be better equipt to pay there bills in a timely manner and hire good decidated teachers.If you want your child to attend a private school, get a job, second job and if need be, your child can pick up work during the summer months to help. It is time, we as a society, demand that our government be responsible for all the tax dollars they suck out of our wallets yearly.
    • 01/04/2005
    • 23:34:35
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  • Rainforest deforestation

    Essay provides a lot of information.Reinforests are the staff of life for the world and need to be saved. I believe that if the greedy large commercial compaines that are destroying our worlds rainforests would take the time and energy to examine the thousands of plant species that they continue to destroy, they could make larger profits by devising medications to help cure a lot of human illnesses, therefore, saving the rainforests. The peasant farmers who rely on the the plants and animals for their survival, could alos share in the profits.
    • 01/04/2005
    • 23:17:24
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  • Pharmaceutical companies are NOT the only one to profit

    For four years, I worked in a discount department store chain. One of the perks for woring there was that I only paid $0.50 over wholesale for all my perscriptions. (the only reason I stayed working there) People need someone to blame for the high proces, so lets blame the pharmaceutical companies. I was SHOCKED to see the high mark-ups on perscription drugs by retailers, upwards of 200%. So the next time you need to fill a perscription, shop around. And if you use a lot of perscribed medicines and are looking for a job, think about woring for a company that offers discounts on those perscriptions.
    • 01/04/2005
    • 23:04:50
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