The Need for Internet Governance: The present architecture and structure of the Internet its easily accessible format.

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The Internet, by definition, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is an international information network linking computers. In the past twenty years, these innovations have allowed cutting edge intelligence, information and personal interactions among societies worldwide and revolutionized was trade. The present architecture and structure of the Internet is responsible for linking individuals all over the world, through its easily accessible format; technically speaking, more people are considered closer, yet are considerably farther apart by distance. The Internet is one of the cheapest forms of information currently available to individuals. Unlike media, television and radio which are regulated by government agencies for content protect society, the lack of monitored sites, free speech and freedom of behavior, those liberties currently enjoyed by Internet users, are unlimited. Privacy, e-commerce, spam, viruses, and other issues are in need of control on the Internet. As with any form on information shared among society, rules and laws must be enacted to keep society safe and secure.

Growing awareness of the social, economic, and political impact of the Internet on society has brought the question of Internet Governance into sharper focus. The problems with the Internet occurred mostly due its rapid expansion and lack of discipline and control. Unlike our current level of governance, barriers to speech, commerce and innovations will take place in the creation governance on the Internet if too much emphasis and control is place by one country or organization. Therefore, all countries need to either work together to establish one set of laws and regulations to govern and enforce over the Internet or establish rules and regulations for use in each of their own countries and except the laws of other countries, no matter how different from their own.

The Internet started as a government project. In the late 1960's, the United States...