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Looking At Woman An author?s view of human nature is often refle Looking At Woman An author?s view of human nature is often reflected in their works, Scott Russell Sanders short story, ?Looking At Women? is an example of the author?s view on human nature. ?Looking At Women?, is the author?s own course of childhood and coming of age. Putting complex human nature into simple words give this complicated subject a lighthearted view for the audience to enjoy.

Sanders, paints a descriptive visual the first time he notices the opposite sex. As a bashful, naïve and innocent 11-year-old boy, the pull of nature proves to be bigger than life itself. Not knowing what hit him when a young girl of fourteen years of age, dressed scantily in pink shorts, opens up the puzzling ?force-field? of human nature. In ?Looking At Women? the short story character Norman tells Sanders ?to relish the sight of females while his mother is telling him to keep his eyes to himself? left a question of just how one is to look at women.

The minds eye began to stir, unwrapping secrecy for this newfound emotion called human nature.

How a man is to look at a woman is a loaded question and an age-old question as well. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a French born philosopher had the theory ?to peel off the layers of civilization and imagine our way back to some pristine man and woman who have not yet been corrupted by hand-me-down notions of sexuality, my hunch is that we would find in our speculative state of nature, that men regarded women with appalling simplicity?.

In the course of the story, Sanders personal notes for his growing understanding of human nature are in fact still puzzling and proving women are anything but simplistic. Sanders?...