Looney school of Tennis in Canada

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Looney school's main objective is to increase awareness and interest in the sport of tennis by introducing more children to the sport.

In the achievement of its objective Looney school is facing one major problem; high expenses on promotional activities with no guarantee of a future sale, and the need of developing more efficient and cost effective promotion plans. In addition to this problem the company also needs to raise the level of compensation to its unsatisfied tennis director by offering him a different job description or way of payment.


Cultural and Social environment:

Opportunities: Ottawa is one of the most prosperous cities in Canada, clean environment, safety and security. It enjoys healthy finance, celebrates its status as a capital city and all the benefits this brings. As the result the people of Ottawa-Carleton seek pleasure, leisure and sociability through recreation activities such as tennis and health clubs.

Threats: Twenty-five percent of the populations of Ottawa-Carleton consist of immigrants, and twelve and a half percent of the elected representatives are immigrants (Ottawa 2020) this represented Ottawa Carleton region is composed of a visual minority. This may be a challenge for Looney School operation because they have to take the different needs of each culture into consideration with their advertising and promotional needs. For instance, tennis has often been associated as a Caucasian sport and minority groups may be hesitant to send their children to learn the sport or participate themselves. This is imposing a threat for the industry.

Demographic Trends:

Opportunities: Ottawa as a capital city has a reputation of having the best-educated workforce in Canada and the second-highest salary per person (Ottawa 2020). Statistics Canada also found that it has the second highest average family income among the top 25 CMAs. The high...