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English 103

October 1, 14

In the book "The Lost World" by Arthur Conan Doyle, four men endeavor on a dangerous journey to a land that is not known to man to see if dinosaurs exist. These four men were named Professor George Edward Challenger, Professor Summerlee, Lord John Roxton, and Edward Malone. When the four men reach the plateau, they start to witness dinosaurs and other exotic creatures. The portrayal of these creatures is realistic in the sense of the behavior of these creatures, the physical appearance, and the location in which these creatures are found.

The four men had decided to explore and discovered pterodactyls. As they were observing the pterodactyls, Professor Challenger peaked over the edge to get a better look. As Challenger was looking, the pterodactyls noticed him. Before Challenger could even hide, it was already too late. Malone described the events that followed as:

The moment he attempted to retreat the circle closed in upon us until the tips of the wings of those nearest to us nearly touched our faces.

We beat at them with the stocks of our guns, but there was nothing solid or vulnerable to strike. Then suddenly out of the whizzing, slate-coloured circle a long neck shot out, and a fierce beak made a thrust at us. Another and another followed (104).

The reaction from the pterodactyls was very realistic. When most animals see any other animal near their home, they will behave the same way the pterodactyls did and attack. The pterodactyls circled the men until they were far enough away for the pterodactyls too feel the men were no longer a threat. In most situations in the wild, the males are expected to take care of the whole family; this was the exact case...