"Lost World" by Michael Crichton

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The Lost World by Michael Crichton was a very adventurous and

suspenseful book. This book is a perfect addition to Jurassic Park and

continues exactly where it left off. It takes place on a remote island not far

from Isla Nubar (the last island) and was actually where the dinosaurs where

conceived and where they were checked against any diseases before being

shipped to the actual park. But after the InGen corporation went bankrupt

and their owner suddenly 'disappeared' in the park, this 'Lost World' was

left behind because no one really knew about it. Through the story, the

ingenious Ian Malcom along with his new friends, Dr. Levine, Arby, Kelly,

Eddie Carr, Dr. Thorne, and Sarah Harding, matches wits with the most

fearsome of the dinosaurs in their home territory and in his time period. To

me, this was the perfect addition to his already fabulous collection of


The setting was on a remote island in Costa Rica which is part of a

chain of the five islands named somehow after death called Isla Muerte, Isla

Matanceros, Isla Pena, Isla Tacano, and of course Isla Sorna. Isla Sorna is

the island where it all takes place in an overgrown InGen factory that runs on

sulfuric fumes. One quote describing the island was 'Thorne glimpsed

rugged, volcanic terrain, overgrown with dense jungle.

This book was actually packed with action, that is what kept me

reading it for such long periods at a time. One very adventurous scene was

when Sarah and Kelly where chasing after the raptor which had the key

wrapped around it's mouth. 'They were now just three feet away. Kelly

could smell the animal. It turned it's head and snapped at them.' Another

exciting scene was when Eddie Carr was battling with the raptors on the...