Love: A Flower on the Other Shore By Jun QU

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LoveA Flower on the Other Shore


What is love on earth? Our desire for pursuing the outmost feelings of happiness is far stronger than that in any other period in the past, with a great increasing of expectation for touching "love story": the striking acquaintance, thrilling experience, waving course, churning hearts, fleeting climax, and everlasting reminiscence; the breaking apart and getting together, longing for and pining away, floundering about and fighting against. The ancient until the modern time, from the country to the foreign, every one seeks to quest, and every one tries to answer; the gentility and the literati also write down wonderful verses to celebrate the so-called gorgeous and permanent love. However, it cannot be seen nor be touched. How come it has such a juggernaut on the secular? From where there is a magic that entices Romeo and Juliet to die in untoward for the rebirth in resplendence? After reading through the book, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, I bear my mind in deep thought.

Revealing the literary veil of this mystery, I see merely a thing, unavailable, though with unbounded glamour, a flower on the other shore.

â… . The definition of "Romeo and Juliet Effect"

From a psychologist's point of view, although love is but a thing between two persons, it can be affected a lot by the surroundings, such as the intervention from parents, persuasion from relatives and friends, pressure from the society, influence from customs, modes, and even from vogues. Given other equal conditions, those cannot hold back but come to the rescue of love. R.Driscol, American psychologist, made a study on 91 couples (married over four years in average) and 41 lovers (with the relationship over eight months in average) and found that to married people, parents' intervention has nothing...