Love Song by John R. Nash.

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Commentary on Love Song by John R. Nash

Love is not a simple subject that can be dealt with casually. Of course there is the omnipresent concept of brotherly love that allows one to get along with another, the fleeting love that preys on desperate souls, the friendly love that satisfies the effervescent youthfulness of the heart. These ways of loving all fulfill the heart's desires in one way or another. However, the love that penetrates the heart like a jar of honey or a jagged dagger, depending on the case, is the love bestowed from a passionate lover. Love Song, written by John R. Nash, depicts this cherishable love as something indescribable, fine and delicate, and ultimately, a treasure.

The beginning line of the poem sets the imagery of love being as delicate as a butterfly. The butterfly represents this love that the narrator holds so gingerly in his hands.

This idea of fragileness is carried throughout the poem. Although its entirety can be placed within the small confines of his cupped hands, the monstrosity of its power certainly exceeds those limits - even if it is, in fact, impossible to explain or "has the least to do with reason." (line 9) The narrator has total control over what he can do with this "love." This love has the capability to endow life or death upon its owner. " . . .used wrong, there is no harm it cannot do." (line 12) How disconcerting it feels to know that such a small thing can bring such great destruction to one's life if used the wrong way. Yet, the narrator relinquishes the threat and presents this love to his romantic endeavor.

The underlying theme of this piece of poetry is to convey that love is delicate and should be...