Lowes and Walmart

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Lowes and Walmart

Lowe's stores have a different approach to alternative conflict resolution. The company uses a five step method of solving a conflict before it ever reaches the point of needing an alternative dispute resolution process. Lowe's put to use the combined ideas from "John Baldoni, author of How Great Leaders Get Great Results and management expert Lynda Ford, author of Transform Your Workplace" (Anderson, 2006, p.1). By using ideas from both authors, Lowe's was able to create a five step method for solving conflicts and avoiding ADR along with using active listening in order to comprehend fully the underlying reasons behind conflicts . The five step method includes (1) insisting on objectivity through the process by focusing on performance not personality, (2) Encouraging participants to solve the problems themselves without drawing others in, (3) Argue the business case by pointing out that the conflict is hurting the working environment and hindering customer service, (4) Gain agreement on what must change and (5) hold people accountable by creating a timeline of when the change needs to be accomplished.

Lowe's has been very successful in avoiding the need for ADRs through the use of their adopted five step method.

Coastal County Clerk of Court could use the adopted strategy that Lowe's has developed in order to avoid conflicts and the need for ADR's. Coastal County Clerk of Court must also use active listening in order to fully understand and deal with underlying reasons behind the conflict. Active listening is an important part of any manager's job.

The Walmart Corporation has had its share of conflicts for many years. Several of those conflicts have resulted in high fines and legal costs. The Walmart Corporation will negotiate with customers when an accident occurs in the stores but when it comes to its...