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In the article Loyalists and Other Losers I agree with the author's opinion of the differing natures of Canadian and American societies. Although we seem to share some similarities we are two different countries striving fourth in an age of individuality and world power. In summary of the story the author talks plenty of the injustices faced by the Loyalists and the ways of the British and the revolutionists.

In the article, I learned the hardships facing the loyalists and how hard it was. In the end the Loyalists played a big role in the revolution and the development of this country. The majority of loyalists not extremely against the revolutionists but merely hated the violence, specifically the mob violence. They did not want to revolt but simply to liberate their homeland from the ruthless authority that were supposedly acting on behalf of all Americans. They also wished to retain the civil liberties guaranteed by the British constitution. They did not want to fight for their own world or country but rather for their own conception of freedom with their promised rights. It also gave me a better understanding on the many different nationalities that were a brought here in Canada and who's voices are being recognized today.

In summary to this article, the American revolutionists, the Patriots, created this movement because of their hardships and dreams of a better life. They were angered by British taxes and the limits imposed on the westword expansion (reserved the west for the First-Nations). While there anger built, they collected arms and started resisting British rule and that started the Loyalists who resisted the Patriots. As the civil war progressed the government promised to set free all slaves who fought for Britain. Thousands of ex-slaves then fought in the civil war, fighting...