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Chapter eight uses many examples to show the different meaning of loyalty. In this chapter loyalty is referred to in a specific situation. The situation that is discussed in the chapter is about solider in the military. One of the many duties of being in the Armed Forces is having someone else think for you. Being in the armed forces is all about being loyal, so what happens when the person thinking for you wants you to do something that goes against your beliefs? Well you must decide whom you should be loyal to, and that is the question that this chapter tries to answer.

Chapter eight focuses on a scenario of a man in the military. First the man named Gerard Irving Joe or "GI Joe" decides that he wants to be in the military. This shows his loyalty to his country. GI Joe is told that he will learn to kill not only with guns also with grenades, bayonets, trench shovels, or whatever comes to hand.

The problem is that GI Joes has grown up knowing that he shall not kill. Well he talks it over with a Chaplain and realizes that he will be killing only in circumstances that are justified enough for there to be war. Therefore, GI Joes has decided that his loyalty to his country can be fulfilled.

In a hypothetical situation a hill is lost in a war. The commander wants to retake it, but knows that they will be out numbered. Does he tell his troops that they are out numbered and put fear into the heads of his soldiers? The answer is yes, but he sets a specific strategy in order to prevent the most casualties. So it appears that the commander is loyal to his troops.

So what happens to...