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Luca Della Robbia was born in the year of 1388 in Florence, Italy. He was raised like all children. He was taught to read and write. He was also going to learn the goldsmiths art. Luca began to learn to model and design in wax. As he got better, he started making small things out of marble and bronze. After he had discovered his talent in ceramics, he devoted himself to sculpting. Luca Della Robbia was just about fifteen years old when he was first invited to Rimini with other young sculptors to make some things out of marble for Sigismondo di Pandolfo Malatesta (who was then building a chapel.) Luca Della Robbia was commissioned to help design the choir gallery of the cathedral in Florence, in 1421.

Luca Della Robbia helped by sculpting things out of marble for the church. He created five different scenes. He made one which represented Donatus teaching grammar, in the second he created Plato and Aristotle to represent philosophy.

A man playing the lute is the third one, which represents Orpheus. It is to represent music. The fourth one is Ptolomaeus for astrology. The fifth one is Euclid, for geometry. Luca Della Robbia used these subjects for a specific reason. These five subjects were considerably important. They represented Apelles at work, painting, and sculpting. For the base of Luca Della Robbia?s work, he created scenes representing different choirs. Above this he created two angel sculptures. Later on after he had sculpted them, he covered them with coats of glaze compounded with tin, antimony, and other substances. His angels he sculpted in the background were painted white on a blue background sometimes with touches of gold and color in the background setting. This painting was known as the Madonna and Child. Now to...