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Macbeth/Saddam Hussein

Macbeth had gained power and was known as a nobleman and a brave soldier by the people of Scotland as well as his king.

Macbeth wasn't intent to receive both thane and king like the three witches predicted but Lady Macbeth had known and determines to do anything to support her husband.

Lady Macbeth pressured him by bringing up his manhood and being a coward, Macbeth had no choice but to gain the power to prove those that doubted him.

After the death of Duncan, Macbeth's ambition was high as it ever was. He continued to murder those that would get in the way of him and those threatening his power and position as king even if it meant killing his friend Banquo and Macduffs family.

Macbeth started as a general thane of glamis.

His mentality changed after a visit from the witches.

Became thane of Cawdor shortly after the witches had told him about the prophecies.

He didn't like the idea of killing king Duncan after what he had done for Macbeth but his wife had other plans to execute the king in order for her husband to gain the power.

Saddam Hussein

Saddam was a lot like Macbeth in the way he wanted power. Just like Macbeth saddam used fear to keep power as a leader.

At first he was seen as a great leader by his people

At the beginning of his reign, he executed hundreds of high ranking party members and army officers who he believed were being disloyal towards him.

He had tortured facilities, rebels publicly executed, carried out major invasions.


They both killed people in order for them to gain power.

Both became too confident and ultimately lead to their downfall.

Both fought in war to maintain their position and power.