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What is it that makes the speech's we have studied effective?

We have studied a range of five different speeches by equally five different speech writers, which in their own way were extremely powerful and strong. The two speeches I think that are most powerful and have a greater effect on the listener/reader are; "And ain't I a woman?" speech by Sojourner Truth and "I incite this meeting to rebellion" speech by Emmeline Pankhurst.

Both of the speeches I have decided to evaluate, are written with the upmost care structurally and internally. Both speech writers have devised their paragraphs to flow freely and fluently into the next. There are certain links that make the listener/reader able to easily follow the mainframe of the speeches. Therefore, I decided on these two speeches to write about the way they complement each other equally.

These two speeches are interlinked within each other as they both were written about women's rights and sufferings, both coming from a woman's perspective, and both talking about what needs to be done to stop the suffering and giving women their rights.

Sojourner Truth's speech really brought black women slavery's conditions to the public eye, and raised awareness to the public about her issues, this also happens in Emmeline Pankhurst speech to as she is reaching out to all the women in the audience and asking for their help to make sure women get their rights even if it means turning "militant".

Yet in a way they were both opposites as Emmeline Pankhurst was brought up to be educated to a high standard and attended one of the most prestigious schools in Paris, whereas Sojourner Truth had a rough and basic education she was not taught to read and write she was only taught to plough...