Macbeth - journal for lord macbeth entry after murder of the king by him and lady macbeth.

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To whomever it is that is reading this, I am Lord Macbeth, and I have just recently been crowned king of Scotland. You have probably discovered this letter after my death and supposedly after Burnham wood has moved up to Duns Inane. I have written this letter as something to be found after my death to answer any questions anyone has about what has been going on lately.

Well about..... 2 weeks ago now I was riding back from an errand with my good friend banquo when we came upon three quite ugly old hags, looking almost not of this earth. They started calling me strange things like thane of Cawdor and the future king, they then said that these were visions of my future and that they would come true sooner than I expected. Banquo asked the three ugly old hags if they could see into his future as well, and as they were walking away they told him that although he would never be king, that his sons would be.

He for one moment did not believe one word of what the old hags had told us however he was quite disturbed by the event and did not like the idea of talking to evil beings.

The very next day after meeting the old hags Ross and Angus came back form England with a message from the king. They informed me that I was now to be known as the thane of Cawdor as the old thane was to be slaughtered for treason against the king. This struck me as VERY strange as only one day before I had been told that I was to be thane of Cawdor. I did not know whether it had just been a very strange coincidence or that the old hags...