Macbeths paraphrased Solilquy

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Is this a knife I see before me,

With the handle in my hand? Let me touch it.

I don't have it but I see it.

Are you not a figment of my imagination?

Are you in my head or are you tangible?

Coming from my crazy head I see you still.

As I now draw you, you usher me forwards

And what a fine dagger

My eyes are lying to me and my senses

But I see you still.

My blade is now covered in blood,

Like it was not before.

This bloody thing tells me that I have killed something.

The king sleeps and the witches sing.

Hecate's offerings awakened by the wolf.

Who is stealthily watching

And moving like a ghost in the night,

No one hears my footsteps

The bricks do not even hear me.

But the sudden horror leaves me threatening

And the king asleep.

The hottest deed from cold mouths.

Im done the king is dead.

The bell tells me this.

Heaven or hell awaits me...