A machanical essay that gives step by step instructions on the electric slide.

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Dance as a modern form of entertainment.

Ciera L. Wardlow

October 16th 2003

2nd period

Dancing has been a form of entertainment and expression since the beginning of time, but it can sometimes be really complicated and difficult, especially when it's a set dance and not your own little mix. While reading this essay you will become more dance oriented, and retain a different look on dancing. This essay is going to try and give you an understanding of the dance tradition in America as well as a step-by-step instruction on how to do the Electric Slide. While adding your own critiques to represent yourself, while you are dancing. It will also try to give you helpful hints for all types of dancing, so you will be more comfortable to create your own moves while you're out having a good time.

America is a nation accumulated by diversity, therefor we don't have one nationality making an American tradition.

We have all ethnics creating an American original with a little bit of all traditions from around the world incorporated into America. Almost every type of modern dance originates from some type of folk, ball, or ballet dancing which, is part of the worlds similar traditions of dance. Although America doesn't have their own original dance technique, we have brought a whole new style and panache to this form of entertainment. Dance techniques started to go through dramatic changes in the 1920's when three major choreographers realized that dance must have some kind of format, which will be built with solidity and the functionalism of architecture. It must express something that only movement in an ordered rhythm could express. These major choreographers are: Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, and Charles Weidman. They are the ones who took strict forum dancing and...