Machiavelli's "The Prince".

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The Prince

What would it take to be a Prince and stay in power? In the story of the Prince,

Machiavelli writes about some controversial ways to keep power, if you were a Prince. After

reading this story I asked my self the question, do I agree with Machiavelli's methods. If I were

the Prince and was presented with Machiavelli's treatise, I would accept and his ideas and

advice. Machiavelli, first makes the point of how a countries army's structure should work and

what tactics won't work with the structure of an army. Machiavelli also shares some points on

how a leader, the Prince, should prepare his troops during times of war and peace. Throughout

this story, Machiavelli introduces us to ideas that are tough to accept but in my opinion are

valid. The last point I agree with is Machiavelli's method to create and maintain power which

perhaps could make you a Prince.

Machiavelli helps us better understand what kind of army and power works and what

tactics do not work. His explanations of mercenaries, auxiliary troops, native troops, and mixed

troops is very powerful in helping one how to fight a war. Mercenaries are hired men which

lack faith and discipline. These men are both dangerous and useless because they are hired help

who run many times if they are in danger. If a Prince is armed with a personal army, then they

may be protected from the treacherous back stabbers, known only as mercenaries. Auxiliary

troops are known as troops of neighboring countries, which are sent out to help the prince in a


time of need. Auxiliary troops hold all the power of the prince in their hands. If they lose the

Prince will lose; and if they win they'd have the power to take the...