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Nguyen, Jennifer

Professor Hausey

Music 101 Online Winter

25 January 2014

Ryan Lewis & Macklemore's Concert

On January 23, 2014, I attended Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's Concert at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, California at 7:00pm. Although the show said it would start at 7:00pm, the concert did not really begin until around 7:45pm to 8:00pm. There were two artists performing: Ben Haggerty also known as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I attended the concert with my one of my friends, Ivy Le. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis played a number of different songs and even a few covers. I loved the concert and the energy that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis brought to the audience with their songs.

The songs that were my favorite that night were more of his well-known songs. They sang Same Love, White Walls, and Thrift Shop. Same Love is not my favorite song from Macklemore because it is played too often on the radio, but the performance for that song was spectacular.

The way the production and lights were set up on stage for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis made the mood more touching and intimate. The mood of the audience during this song was wonderful because everyone sang Ryan Lewis's part of the chorus, and everyone was swaying and really into the song. There was a part in the song where Ryan Lewis told the audience to pull out their phones and sway it in the air. I felt like this made the atmosphere more touching especially with all the lights off and just the lights from our phones. I liked it much better than when it is performed on the radio because they also performed it acoustic instead with the song in the background. I thought that Macklemore's tenor voice and Ryan Lewis's soprano voice worked perfect together. The performance was my favorite part of the night because it was the performance that was most touching and actually pulled the strings on my heart.

The next song that they played was White Walls. This is my favorite song as of right now because it is currently their most popular song and Ryan Lewis's chorus is so catchy. The atmosphere of the audience and of the theater was very live and energetic. Every time that Ryan Lewis's chorus came up, the whole audience would repeat and sing with her. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were on sync and meshed well together. I think when two artists such as Macklemore and Lewis perform together; it creates more of an energetic audience. I feel like it makes it more energetic because they both moved around and touch the audience's hands. This always pumps up the crowd and gets everyone a bit more excited. A part where I didn't really enjoy in this song was when Macklemore started rapping, and it was really difficult to understand what he was saying. I understand that it is different than what I hear on the radio, but he was rapping way to fast to the point where it was hard to understand the words he was saying. Other than that, this song is my favorite song out of their songs currently.

One of the final songs that he played was Thrift Shop, which is one of his most viewed songs on YouTube and the song that most people know the lyrics to. Since this was the closing song, everyone was very involved with the song. I liked how the song caused the audience to be involved and sing even louder than the other songs. Not only were people singing along, but everyone was jumping up and down and side to side to the song. I also liked how Macklemore brought out his bear fur coat that was in his music video. It made the audience laugh which gave the atmosphere a comedic feel. Ryan Lewis did not perform in this song, but she was still on the stage dancing around and moving the audience to dance with her. The only thing that I did not enjoy about this song is that Macklemore chose this song to be his last song. Even though I love Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, I absolutely hate this song. At first it was interesting and funny especially because of the music video, but then it just started to get absolutely annoying. But, like I said, a performance live is so much more different than on the radio, so it was not too bad.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's concert was just amazing and I loved the atmosphere of the audience. I have been to a few concerts before Macklemore, but there was only one performer. I feel like concerts with two performers or more are the best concerts because the artists give more interaction to the audience. A concert live is completely different than listening to a song on the radio or on the computer. You get to feel the bass of the music and sing along with the artist right in front of you. Every concert can't always be perfect. There were some parts of the concert where it was very difficult to understand what Macklemore was saying because it sounded like he was mumbling or when Ryan Lewis would sing a little bit too high and she would be out of tune. I did not expect them to be perfect like how they sing on the radio. I attended this concert two days ago and I am already having concert withdrawals. My friend Ivy and I enjoy going to concerts every so often, but sometimes it just costs too much money. Other than that, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's concert at the Belasco Theater was not the best concert I went to, but one of the most energetic concerts I have been to.