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Diary of a slave7th September, 1831Dear diary,I found this paper on the floor yesterday, it looks pretty bad as you can see but it takes my mind of the smell and the food.

I should tell you my story form the start: I used to live in Sierra Leone in the Chamba Tribe. It was great there, we all had things to do, we had food and water and we had celebrations every now and then which were very fun. But then the white people came. At first I was frightened because they looked so strange and ugly, then they took us all to a big ship which I overheard was called the Brookes. They took us all, apart from the sick or old people.

At the dock we were then led up a small ramp in twos and when I got to the top I had these cold metal shackles put on my feet and hands.

They made it very hard to walk and I could already feel the edges cutting my wrists and ankles. The deck was made of wood and I kept getting splinters in my feet.

Once there were about one hundred people on the deck, all men, they were led down into a short corridor that was very low and I kept hitting my head on the low bars. When some other people hurt themselves and exclaimed “ow” the white people hit them and shouted at them.

I thought a big ship would easily fit one hundred of us but when I got near our destination, which you could tell because of the nasty smell, I was suddenly squashed when we were all pushed into a large room which must have had about three hundred people in it. I also found these pictures of the...