The main benefits of the OSI model

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The main benefits of the OSI model include the following: • Helps users understand the big picture of networking • Helps users understand how hardware and software elements function together • Makes troubleshooting easier by separating networks into manageable pieces • Defines terms that networking professionals can use to compare basic functional relationships on different networks • Helps users understand new technologies as they are developed • Aids in interpreting vendor explanations of product functionality Layer 1 The physical layer of the OSI model defines connector and interface specifications as well as the required cables for the job. Electrical, mechanical, functional, and procedural specifications are provided for sending a bit stream on a computer network. Components of the physical layer include: • Cabling system components • Adapters that connect media to physical interfaces • Connector design and pin assignments • Hub, repeater, and patch panel specifications • Wireless system components • Parallel SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) • Network Interface Card (NIC) Layer 2 Layer 2 of the OSI model is the Data Link layer.

In this layer it provides the function of: • Allowing a device to access the network to send and receive messages • Offers a physical address so a device's data can be sent on the network • Works with a device's networking software when sending and receiving messages • Provides error-detection capability Common components of this layer are NIC cards, Ethernet and Token ring switches and bridges. Layer 3 Layer 4 Layer 4 being the transport layer of the OSI model offers end-to-end communication between end devices through a network. Depending on the application, the transport layer either offers reliable, connection-oriented or connectionless, best-effort communications. Some of the functions offered by the transport layer include: • Application identification • Confirmation that the entire message...