Main stream punk is for the rich

Essay by GirlWithABatB+, February 2004

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most of the main stream punk nowadays has turned into money making shows. The problem with this is, punk used to be a hardcore thing that only certain people listen to. It was all about bringing down the government with Anarchy, riots and making a music the middle and lower class people could listen to and relate. Punk has changed from its original-harcore down with the system self, to pointless songs about soda pop. Instead of cheap shows, we have bands selling tickets at $30 from its original $5-$8. Obviously there are the underground bands that are keeping it real for thoses of us who cant stand the pop-culture and mainstream. Have some punk bands sold out and are now for the rich and ignorant?? As i see it yes, and im sorry to say but punk is now a mainstream thing for all the girls and guys who like the fashion more then the

one liked punx .now that punk has become a fashion statment,when i walk down the halls of my school i look at all the people wearing the label PUNK on there shirts and i think to myself PUNK IS NOT A STATMENT OR LABEL ITS A TYPE OF MUSIC.i sit there and think they dont know what punk is. im sure they dont even know how it starteD, why it started,or the real reaosns behind punk. Other then the sugar coated la la land stuff they get from the pop punk groups of today, punk is pop. They arnt getting the lyrcis from bands who care where this world is going, who understand that lifes not as easy as parent think it is. Obviously if u dont like the music dont listen to it but dont make punk have a bad name by putting...