Male dominance in todays culture

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Alexandria Hamric

In male dominant cultures, women are belittled, looked as fragile, not capable of having any intelligence, and vulnerable to any danger. I have had this occurring in my everyday life since the day I was born. As I am coming out of my mother, my Hispanic and Korean family both wishing I had come out as a baby boy. No hard feelings, because I understand that in both of these male dominant cultures, a baby boy would have meant wealth, pride, and someone to carry on the family name. Little hope for this baby girl coming into this confused world, but little did they know I would try to change their perspective, ideologies, and convince them to be my support group for the rest of my life as I become this successful women.

On my Hispanic side, all the women are to be house wives. Learn to cook, clean and raise children since a very young age.

If you fail at any of these three things, your society around you would worry that you wouldn't be able to find a decent man or any man at that to marry. I come from an old school idea that is heavily practiced in Mexico. This is what my grandmother, great- grandmother, and even her mother practiced for centuries.

On my Korean side, all the women were raised with all of the same ideologies. You were to work from home, raise the children, and not have any opportunities to live your full potential. Of course women are to never get an education, to help better themselves and their lives around them because it would teach them to get out of this crazy cycle. This is the typical male dominant culture idea and disgusts me that sometimes I get sick to...