Mammies, Matriarchs and Controlling Images.

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"The Color Purple" would be the best example of Collins' article. Celie would be a combination of a mammy and matriarch according to Collins. Although Celia isn't in a white household she begins as a mammy. She plays a faithful, obedient, and domestic housewife. Her father married her off at the very young age. Albert her husband, who is two times older than Celie and has four children, beats her into submission. She grow to be a great surbordinate for Alberts and his kids. After a few years and so much crap from Albert and his kids Celie became fed up. Celie was very close to slicing Alberts throat to get rid of her fear of a man who continuously hit and suppress her. She left him and became independent from him and his family. Celie moved into her own home that was left to her from her father's will and opened her own clothing shop to support herself.

Celie has the bad uncontrollable type of hair and has a thin frame. She is very dark in skin tone and is the very opposite of the type of woman any man figure would be attracted to.

Sofia(another character from the movie) on the other hand was a strong willed woman who change from a matriarch into a mammy. Sofia was confronted by a white woman who was complimenting her on how clean her kids were and offer Sofia a job. Sofia refused with a hell no and was slap by a white male. She served in jail for punching a white male, which in the setting of the movie was in the early 1900. Sofia was beat on the scene by white police officers and kept in jail for a while. In the end though she ended...