Management Of Information (MIS)

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MIS 5102 MANAGEMENT OF INFORMATION TITLE : A CASE STUDY Submission Date: April 22nd 2002 Student Name: Richard Ng Ka Keong TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY????????????????????????.1 1. INTRODUCTION??????????????????????????.3 1.1 PORTER?S FIVE FORCES ANALYSIS??..????..??????5 1.2 VISION & STRATEGY???????????????????. 8 1.3 INFORMATION SUPPORT FOR BUSINESS VISION & STRATEGY??????????????????????? 10 2. EXISTING INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS ???????? 11 2.1 NETWORK INFORMATION SYSTEMS ??????????? 12 2.2 ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS ?????????????????. 12 2.3 SECURITY ASPECT ??????????????????? 12 3. LIMITATIONS OF THE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A RICH PICTURE ????????????????????????? 13 3.1 DISCUSSION OF RICH PICTURE ??????????????14 4. SO, WHAT IS ELECTRONIC COMMERCE??????????????..16 5. OVERALL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT PROPOSAL ? IDEAL RICH PICTURE ???????????????????????17 5.1 DISCUSSION OF IDEAL RICH PICTURE & RECOMMENDATION ???????????????????18 5.2 PROPOSED NEW NETWORKING (INTRANET) ????????20 5.3 INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS CONTINGENCY PLAN ??????????????????????????21 5.4 INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS BUDGET ?????23 6 INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT TIME FRAME ???????????????????????????24 7 DISCUSSION & CONCLUSION???????????????????...26 8 LIST OF REFERENCE...??????????????????????..27

A MANAGEMENT CONSULTING REPORT http:// An E-commerce Strategy ? Towards E-Commerce Implementation? Executive Summary This business proposal is prepared for E-Pharma to give an insight of its existing information management and recommend ways to improve its information systems with emphasis on its internal network, security in place, and a contingency plan.

E-Pharma (M) Sdn Bhd, was established in 1993, as a Malaysian manufacturer of herbal medicines and health supplements.

With a vision to become a leading manufacturer of standardized herbal extracts, health food supplements and herbal consultancy services group in the Asian region., E-Pharma need to have in place the necessary tools to achieve this.

The current system in use, UBS, a standard accounting module, is unable to provide the information level required to support decision making for the management or operations. E-Pharma need to consider replacing this system as part of its technology upgrading because Ø...