Management Information Systems

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ADM 2372 A

Management Information Systems

October 7th, 2014


Question 1

SUPERVALU's Information Technology Infrastructure



Centralized ProcessesSharing

Banner AutonomyPOS System Hiring

-­‐ Measures movement of products, stock,

space -­‐ Cross-­‐Banner promo/ product initiatives

-­‐ One set of tools for a

uniform hiring process

-­‐ Local decision making on who

to hire

-­‐ Merchandising ½ of end caps

-­‐ Location specific general


Yammer -­‐ competition to collaboration -­‐ speeds up business processes -­‐ Marketing initiatives -­‐ Private Groups

Perks For "Great


-­‐ SUPERVALU incentive program

Question 2 Supervalu's CEO Craig Herkert knew he needed to redesign an infrastructure that would turn his company back to the thriving grocery company it was in 2007, while keeping the organization's goals in mind. One way Herkert did this was by having a centralized architecture, a "One Company" strategy that consisted of a series of transformation initiatives that would standardize all stores back office processes, ultimately pooling all company's resources to improve the company as a whole (Quaadgras, Taveras, & W. Ross, 2012). Supervalu began centralizing some systems and back-office processes such as enabling cross-banner reward programs for customers and centralizing each stores POS system (Quaadgras, Taveras, & W. Ross, 2012). An advantage to this strategy is that it creates unity among stores, while cutting costs of using differentiated

strategies for each store. By having different unique IT processes for each store, it can create confusion and discrepancy among values and corporate objectives that are the bigger picture, as opposed to each banner stores values and objectives. Another centralized strategy Supervalu created was a company Yammer. Supervalu wanted to create cohesion and collaboration among the executive team members and employees. This type of IT system has the advantage of creating a corporate culture between companies, and having...