Marble chip investigation - rates of reaction, studying the effects of change in concentration of the acid

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Marble Chip Investigation


1.Set up the equipment as diagram shows. The measuring cylinder must be filled with water and then inverted into the tub.

2.Measure the quantity of hydrochloric acid and marble chips to the decided amount. Add water to the acid to change the concentration to what you need.

3.Take note of the amount of water in the measuring cylinder.

4.Put the marble chips and hydrochloric acid into the conical flask. Replace the bung and start the stopwatch.

5.Once the decided amount of time has passed, take note of the remaining amount of water in the measuring cylinder. Subtract this number from the one noted down in step three, this is the volume of gas produced.

6.Repeat experiment with at least 5 different concentrations of acid.


稭arble chips

稨ydrochloric acid

稭easuring cylinder

稢onical flask

稡ung and delivery tube

稢lamp stand

稡oss head clamp




Hydrochloric acid is very corrosive, so care will be taken when handling it.

Safety goggles will be worn throughout the investigation as the reaction could fizz violently and cause eye damage if it was to spit.



稢oncentration of acid

稴urface area of marble chips

稭ass of marble chips

稸olume of acid

Key Variable

The only variable that I will intentionally change during the investigation will be the concentration of acid. I will do my best to keep the other variables constant.


After carrying out the preliminary tests, the measurement I will be using are:

�0cm3 of each acid concentration

� of marble chips

The concentrations of acid that I will use will be:






Fair Test

To make it a fair test and make my results more accurate I will try and keep all variables constant except the...