The speed of chemical reaction between Calcium carbonate and Hydrochloric acid

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In my assessment I am going to say how I think the concentration of acid effects the speed of a reaction. I will do this by using:

. Collision theory

. Kinetic theory

. Diagrams

. Graphs

In this diagram the particles In this diagram the particles

have a low concentration have a higher concentration

of acid. Also there are of acid. There is the same

few marble chips for amount of marble chips, but

the particles to collide with. it will be easier for the

This is why there will be a particles to collide with each

slow reaction. other. This explains why

there is a faster reaction.


I would expect the graphs to look like this:

This graph shows that the reaction

is taking longer to happen. We can

tell this from the height of the line

The graph shows the opposite.

it shows the reaction is fast because

the line is steep.

Trial experiment:

We need to do a trial experiment because:

. We need to find out what volume of acid is needed.

. We need to know the amount of marble chips needed. (2-5g chips)

. We need to know what size measuring cylinder is needed. (Mins/secs)

If we do not do a trial experiment, we may get all the measurements wrong and the experiment will be useless.

Time in minutes Volume of CO2 made in cm3

0 >100

1 >100

2 >100

3 >100

4 >100

5 >100

From this trial experiment I have found:

. I will need 2 grams of marble chips

. I will need 4 different acids- 2m acid, 1.5m acid, 1m acid and 0.5m acid

. I will also need a larger measuring cylinder because the experiment was too fast and we did not get time to get a...