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Marcel Wanders, born in 1963, Boxtel, the Netherlands, moves unhindered between materials and disciplines. Wanders studied at the Academy of Arts in Arnhem and worked mostly as a freelance designer before founding his first firm, Wanders Wonders, in 1995. He runs his own studio in Amsterdam and is the art director and designer of the pioneering design firm, Moooi. Wanders Wonders, his studio in Amsterdam, clients companies such as Boffi, Cappellini, DroogDesign, Flos, Mandarina Duck and Magis. Marcel Wanders describes the making of his works as: "I'm here to create an environment of love, live with passion and make my most exciting dreams come true."

A chair made out of rope soaked in glue. An electric lamp in the appearance of a hand-held candle, when blown on, switches on and off. An egg vase created from condoms. Marcel Wanders' products sound odd, but their sly beauty and functionality designs makes the 40-year-old Dutchman an innovative and inventive designer.

From furniture and lighting to interior design to jewellery and accessories, Marcel Wanders is a highly original designer who uses modern materials and technology to create improved and new products. Wanders' designs can be described as witty and whimsy. His mantra "lost and found by innovation"; his works are taken from an existing object and re-creating it, both figuratively and genuinely, with a new life, into a new masterpiece. The designs are worked with durability and quality, products worth bonding with for a lifetime. His ideas were to create 'aged' products that feature conventional elements with modern, lasting materials. In determination to "respect the future and the past", rethinking of something that users make have taken for granted and creating an ideal for appreciating details, such as materials and history. Wanders' masterpieces are designed to make a connection to real...