Marching and Concert Band.

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Marching and Concert Band

Marching band and concert band have two completely different concepts. However, many high school students consider the word band as being able to play some kind of musical instrument. Being a five year marching band member and playing in concert band for seven years, I feel as if I know the difference between these two activities. One of the main differences between marching and concert band is the mental process one must go through to memorize the music and the steps on the field. Obviously marching band is much more physical than concert band, and the adrenalin one gets before competing is extraordinarily different. Another noticeable difference is the marching band is under the direction of a student drum major and not the actual band director who conducts all concert band activities. Personally, I do not understand why the students at my high school did not know the difference between marching and concert band.

In my opinion, the difference is very clear.

The mental process of marching and concert band is vastly different. A marching band member must memorize all music and learn up to sixty or more different field positions. However, concert band members do not have to learn field positions and they are allowed to read sheet music sitting directly in front of them. In order to be ready for the fall marching season, a band starts practicing the middle of summer vacation. Sometimes, learning and feeling comfortable with the field show as a whole can take up to three months. As one can see, marching band is also incredibly time consuming. The concert band only practices during seventh period concert band class.

The average marching band show is eleven minutes long. The physical activity involved in those eleven minutes is something only a...