Marijuana Dealing And Its Solutions

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Problem/ solving paper Marijuana Dealing and its solutions Marijuana dealing is a problem that we have been dealing with for many years. It is a big problem that unfortunately creates many bad habits and that could also make the people kill each other for it. But the problem here is not the consumption of drugs the real problem is what the drug dealers are able to do in order to export or import some drugs. There is corruption, killings of soldiers, anti-narcotics, and also illegal plantations. Authorities of all around the world have tried each one some millions of forms to stop this and what they all get is nothing but failure.

But there has emerged another aspect that seems to be very effective. Some of the greatest worldwide organizations have proposed it and some other have already applied it. This big solution is very simple and has already been used but not with marijuana, legalization.

If you go back in time, you could find out that was alcohol legalization what saved the United States from all that injustice, bombs, killings, corruption, dishonest people leading and illegal imports. That is kind of what is known as Mafia and in the United States was mostly controlled by Italians. Then, if this solution is applied, marijuana will now be consumed more but there will be no more illegal traffic of marijuana, and if traffic stops then the people wont have any problem in exporting and importing marijuana so the traffic would be legal.

And if this proposal is analyzed, the marihuana legalization will just bring benefits. No more illegal plantations, no more drug dealers, no more what is called narco-guerrilla, what is that the guerrilla is also importing and exporting drugs, and also no more political corruption. Marijuana is a very...