Marijuana: Effects on adolescents + survey

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Marijuana is a big problem in Australia but it is also a huge epidemic through out the whole world. It has cost so much money in parts of the world that they had made it legal so the government can save money and spend it in a different issue. It is still illegal in a lot of places because of its bad side effects.

People say that they can quit when smoking marijuana because it is not addictive, but many studies have proven contrary. The drug causes uncontrollable cravings to smoke. These people were said to become dependent or addicted to marijuana. Other people have a tolerance for weed so they have to smoke higher doses to get the high they once did. When under the influence you can also have a craving for food which is called “the munchies”. There has also have been other studies and it was proven that not everyone has these cravings and are able to stop smoking when they want.

People say that smoking weed is the gate way to using other drugs. This might be true because people who use marijuana are 104 times greater to try cocaine. There is no real hard evidence to show that smoking weed leads to worst drugs but instead social and psychological elements have to do with it also.

There are many long and short term affects of smoking weed like, when short term using you could suffer from memory and learning problems. There are also a lot of mental issues when you are under the influence of marijuana like difficulty in thinking, problem solving and loss of coordination. There are many long term affects like respiratory problems that result in daily coughing and phlegm which are results of chronic bronchitis. Smokers are also more likely...