Marijuana: Marvelous Medicine.

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Marijuana: Marvelous Medicine

Marijuana is a drug made from the dried leaves and flowering stalks of a hemp plant. Marijuana can be smoked in cigarettes, pipes, or rolled in tobacco papers. It may also be mixed with food or drinks. Marijuana has many positive effects on the human body. These effects should lead to legalization of smoking marijuana for medical reasons.

In few states, this legal drug has shown to ease pain in seriously ill patients. Cancer and AIDS patients face severe pain throughout their bodies and must learn to cope with the slow process of their disease. Smoking marijuana may be just the treatment they need to cope. Not only is marijuana known to ease pain but it also relieves nausea among sick patients. Chemotherapy, part of the process for cancer patients, can extremely upset the stomach and cause nausea. Thus, causing patients to feel weaker as the slow process continues.

No doubt many sick patients will begin to lose weight. Smoking marijuana will stop weight loss and improve patients' appetite. As Marcus Conant, medical doctor at the University of California, states "I have seen hundreds of AIDS and cancer patients who are losing weight derive almost immediate relief from smoking marijuana, even after other weight-gain treatments-such as hormone treatments or feeding tubes-have failed." Another positive effect this drug poses with help from patient and animal research is its ability to treat muscle spasticity conditions, including multiple sclerosis.

Marijuana can be a powerful medicine that could tragically become addictive. Many doctors have a fear that patients will develop an addiction to smoking marijuana. However, there are patients in the past who have become addicted to other prescription drugs. These addictions will continue to occur into the future. With proper literature and adequate communication between the doctor and patient...