Marijuana In The Medical Field

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Marijuana in the Medical Field Marijuana being used and accepted within the medical world has been a very controversial issue that has raised many debates throughout society. There are those in society who fully support anti-drug legislation, and are totally opposed to the development of uses for marijuana in the medical field. They believe that the narcotic marijuana has no redeeming values, and is in a sense, just a plight on society. Then there are those in our society and the medical profession who believe in the benefits that marijuana can bring to the medical world. These individuals are pushing for the government to develop legislation that allows for marijuana to be used in the development and testing of new procedures to treat all types of diseases. Both sides of the debate hold strong facts and opinions as to why marijuana should or should not be used for medical purposes, and the effect that it will have on society.

It is the belief of this author that after researching the issue, the use of marijuana in the treatment of disease and illness should be allowed. This is due to the overwhelming proof of the benefits it can provide.

The narcotic marijuana has many different aliases and comes in many different forms. This includes the common street forms: Mary Jane, herb, weed, grass, and chronic, as well as the pure forms that are widely sought after by the medical community. Marijuana has been classified as a mild hallucinogen. ?The active ingredient in marijuana, called tetrahydrocannabinol, has a variety of effects?(Cohen ?High Hopes? 1). Its effects on the body range from the more common, quick, and most desirable side effects which include, ?Enhanced sensations, relief of pain, distortion of time, relaxation?(Myers 216). Then, there are the less known and often long...