Marijuana. Personal experiences, why its illegal, myths, facts.

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Marijuana, pot, dope, chronic, budda, ganja, sinsemillia, grass, weed, greens. It seems that every where you turn these days, all you see is people discrediting marijuana. All you see and here about is are the so called "bad effects." It makes you wonder if there are any good effects. But you must stop and consider where this information comes from. The government. The same government that made pot illegal? Yes, of course it's the same government.

"Some people may feel nothing when they smoke marijuana. Others may feel relaxed or high." What the hell is that? That is the propaganda that we are being fed by our wonderful government. ". . .may feel relaxed or high." That is hardly a description. It is very difficult to describe being high. Some might say they feel "light" or "floating." The feeling you get from smoking pot is incredible, it's undefinable. Impossible for one to describe the feeling until you experience it for yourself.

Being high does not make one the babbling idiot our society has been led to believe. Pot has different effects on different people. For me, pot allows me to focus on anything so strongly that the slightest sound, the slightest movement would not be missed. Pot allows me to follow any idea no matter how absurd. Marijuana enhances certain mental abilities. Although it cuts into short-term memory, it increases mental resources allowing you to become more imaginative and to come up with new solutions to problems that you wouldn't normally think of when you're not stoned. Much of my creative writing starts from things I though of while smoking Pot. Marijuana helps you think "outside the box". This concept of thinking "out of the box" is an ability sought after by corporations who want to hire people with...