Mark twain a morally deficient

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Mark Twin was a morally disturbed man, and in that I mean that he was in some ways lacking the proper morals of the Christian life that he proclaims to lead, and his views of God differed greatly from those of the accepted views of that time. He viewed God as something to be found in nature and in the good of man, but not as an initiate that exists as our maker and savior. He also believed in many of the superstitions of the time, and spiritually combined both superstitions and facts of God into one completely obscene belief system. Expressions of these beliefs are woolly apparent in many of his writings: such as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and Letters From the Earth. Twain also combined bad habits and swearing with his beliefs to justify the habits that he knew were bad, but just could not give up.

Twains rebellious nature can be traced back as far as when he was a young boy of 13 in Hannibal. Working as an apprentice printer in his uncles print shop, he was put in charge of the paper for a week while his uncle would be out of town. It was then that the young Twain, being of devilish mind, decided to put himself to work on a piece that had been rumored throughout town, but to that day had not been brought out in the open. It seems that some time before, perhaps a few days or a week maybe, that a man by the name of Higgins, who at that time was the editor of the rival paper, had been jilted, and one night left a note on his bed, which stated that the could no longer endure life, and had drowned...