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Chestnut ridge country club has a distinguished reputation as an outstanding country club in the Elma Tennessee area in too many different aspects. The club is facing a decline in the number of membership applicants relative to the competing clubs in the same area. A survey that done by the researchers on the members of the clubs of the same area shows some weakness in the chestnut ridge country club which may cause the declination such as the management, food prices, the quality of tennis courts, as I will explain later. Trying to keep or increase the number of applicants some marketing and managerial steps need to be taken, like commercial steps, change in the membership policies, run some promotions, etc.

Chestnut ridge country club are facing a declination in the number of applicants compared to its three competitors in the same area, the board of directors hired an independent researchers trying to find out the weakness and the reason for that declination, the researchers did a survey on the members of all of the neighbor clubs trying to find out how is the chestnut ridge country club are compared to the other clubs in the same area hopping to find the weakness.

The result of survey presents some weakness and strong ness of the chestnut ridge country club which I'm using to explain the situation of the club.

Chestnut ridge country club are located in the Elma Tennessee area, it is the highest rated country club in the composite ratings across all member. The chestnut ridge country club was rated first by all the members in the club landscape. Not many clubs exist within the same area because usually the number of subscribers is limited and it's not easy to build new club with in a close area...