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Martin Luther was born on the 10th November 1483 and died on the 18th of February 1546, was born in Germany into a copper mining family.

Martins fathers' hopes were for him to become a lawyer, he worked hard for this, receiving his bachelors' degree in 1502 and his masters' degree in 1505. Luther was inspired to become a monk when he was confronted by God in a storm. Luther was caught in a storm and claimed that he would become a monk if God saved him. Luther escaped alive and then became a monk. He was ordained into priesthood in 1507. He devoted himself to the bible and wished to make changes to the religions of his time. It was his intentions to implement sacraments and remove indulgencies. Luther was also opposed to celibacy. On 31st October 1517, Luther nailed 95 theses onto the town hall door and was then declared a heretic.

The Lutheran church is today running strong. Luther himself was opposed to the formation of a separate church, he wanted for the current ones to be changed. However today, the Lutheran church is the 3rd largest religious denomination. Lutherans are very scriptural people, they interpret and follow the scriptures much more closely and literally than most other churches. The Lutheran church also has a strong emphasis on education.

The Lutheran Church believes that religion is not defined by your social status, it is made for every person. The Lutheran church also teaches that everyone has the freedom to approach God through the saving grace of Jesus. Education is also heavily supported by the Lutheran church. It is plain to see that Lutheran beliefs are aimed strongly for the common person, promoting equality throughout all people.

The first Australian Lutherans came here on 8th July 1838 aboard...