Martin Luther King, Malcolm X: compared and contrasted.

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The violent and racist hatred of whites towards black people started with the forging of slavery, in the "new world" of North America massive amounts of labour were needed to farm the sugar and cotton plantations of the American south. British merchants went to Africa and offered tribal chiefs arms to fight their adversaries in exchange for people forced into labour, the slave trade was born. In the Holocaustic conditions of the crowded boats many Africans died in the middle of the Atlantic, and for the ships that sunk their was no escape for the bound and shackled souls who now lay at peace at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. On the sugar plantations some Africans were lucky enough to have a compassionate master who would allow them a wage and to work for a period of a few years before being freed. Others were not so lucky in Alabama one plantation owner mutilated a slave and used the remains to fuel his fire because he was "bored".

All lost their specific cultural identity even their religion, language and surnames. Slaves spoke "pidgin" English a mixture of English and African languages, attended Christian churches and were given the same surname as their masters, through these conditions slaves lost all sense of identity and became mere commodities to be traded. At this time many Christians realised the great evil of this trade and became the first abolitionists fighting for the freedom of all slaves and an end to the barbaric acts being perpetrated in the American colonies.

Slaveries advocates were mainly in the American south as this was the key climate needed to grow sugar and cotton, and so here this cheap labour was needed for the economy to survive. The North was quite different and were sympathetic towards...