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Mary Rowlandson, The Sovereignty and Goodness of God Paper

It is hard to imagine any person in today's society prevailing through the same trials and tribulations that Mary Rowlandson went through. Throughout her captivity, spanning across the woods and camps of Massachusetts, Rowlandson manages to keep faith in one thing above all others, God. By putting her entire will into one God and set of beliefs, she found a way to overcome the adversity of being a captive, alongside most of her family, to the Native Americans. Even when times seemed as bleak as they were going to get, Rowlandson's belief that God was putting everything in front of her for a reason forced her to work harder and overcome her adversities. Any regular person stolen from their home and treated like a pseudo-slave today would only see the bad in the situation and would fall into an emotional pitfall of depression and sorrow.

Mary Rowlandson, on the other hand, manages to keep her emotions intact and views her entire captivity as a test from God to be a better person and endure her stay with the Native Americans to become a more religiously focused and dedicated Puritan women.

At the center of the Puritan faith way the key value of purity. Complete and total purity spanned from the largest to the minutest details in everyday life. Offending god, no matter how large or small the offense, was seen as impure and would result in due punishment. Mary Rowlandson believed that she must have made an impure decision in her life resulting in the brutal death of her friends and family in Lancaster. To Rowlandson, this tragedy was a test handed down by God to become a better Puritan. You can...